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Welcome to my restaurant, we'll wait on you all year round and provide you with some of the best cuisine.
The delicious seafood of the region together with the most representative of Italian pastas, prepared with pleasure and dare I say Love, gives each of our dishes a much appreciated personal touch.
Your enjoyment is our reward.

Marco Antonio Luci

Club San Marino
Together with you we would like to form a club of friends with a taste for good food and together with them, develop and organize different activities such as wine tastings, new dishes, lobster evenings, and provide for a place where you can bring your friends and make new ones..

Dear clientele.

We are preparing to open, as soon as ViƱa del Mar passes to phase 3


Organize your special events with us, whether they are business meetings or family occasions like birthdays and weddings, and enjoy the best of our services and culinary prowess.

Avda. Borgoño 16805 Reñaca - Viña del Mar - Chile
Tel: (+56 32 2836059, +56 9 95380166,